Attention, emerging leaders! Join MPR Generation Listen’s founding board and shape a thoughtful new initiative.

We’re calling on big thinkers, entrepreneurs, and influencers in our community who are passionate about creating a more informed and civically engaged public. If you’re an expert in your field, have a knack for community building and could help us lead, launch, and expand our program in its first year, we want you.

MPR Generation Listen is a thoughtful initiative started by millennials aspiring to connect people under 35 more deeply with Minnesota Public Radio and each other. We will provide Minnesota’s young professionals with a fun series of social, cultural, and educational events where like-minded individuals can meet and share meaningful experiences.

The deadline for this application has passed.

Program Elements

Once we’ve established our core group, we will create formalized commitments, roles, guidelines, and responsibilities. As we are in the startup phase of development, the framework and board structure may evolve over time.

Contact Information

Application Questions

Why are you applying for the MPR Generation Listen Founding Board?

Describe your leadership experience with volunteer activities and/or areas of community involvement.

What motivated you about the mission of organizations or community groups you worked with?

What special skills or abilities would you bring to MPR Generation Listen?

Have you ever worked with MPR or attended one of our events? If yes, describe.

How did you hear about the MPR Generation Listen Founding Board?

Is there anything else you would like to add?

To complete your application, please send your cover letter and resume to