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Keep up-to-date on new products, discounts, and special promotions from the Pretty Good Goods online store. Pretty Good Goods is a non-profit on-line shop operated by American Public Media that offers the best of what is on public radio including many exclusive items available nowhere else. If you are a fan of A Prairie Home Companion®, The Splendid Table®, Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me®, Car Talk® or any other public radio show, you are sure to love what we bring you every week.

Every week we scan public radio programs, playlists, and websites so we can bring you the books, CDs, DVDs, and other items that audiences are hearing about. From the latest technology revealed on Future Tense to epicurean delights described on The Splendid Table or the latest book about saving for college on Marketplace Money – we feature whatever we think you might find as interesting or useful as we do. Each issue includes listening links to features you may have missed along with buttons that take you to items plus special offers and advance notice of what public radio listeners will be talking about.

This specially priced selection of classical CDs features new releases and old favorites–many heard on public radio's classical programs such as Performance Today®, Pipedreams® and Symphonycast®. You'll find easy purchase options as well as listen links to public radio content.

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